25. junij 2012

Ceria Merlone

Ceria Merlone – an impressive climbing route crossing in western Julian Alps (Italy), that I had in mind to walk for 15 years. In fact I was here with a group of friends at that time, but we didn’t manage to complete the whole crossing because of lack of time. Anyway, this amazing ridge crossing between Viš / Jof Fuart and Montaž / Iof di Montasio, the two highest mountains in western Julian Alps, was definitely worth all the effort. This, unjustly neglected part of the Julian Alps is uniquely magical. 

Out of focus / blurry image - I have an apology for the early hours 
Mt. Špik in the first morning lights
Sella Nevea with Mt. Kanin in the background 
Under-panoramic of the route
Panoramic of the route (photo from 15 years ago)
Sella Nevea and Mt. Kanin
Steep meadows on the way to Passo degli Scalini
Mt. Mangart (right)
Disco time
Corsi hut
Paradise as I imagine it
Škrbina Prednje špranje – one side of the pass 
…and the other one
Can you imagine that this area was a battlefield only a century ago? 
Start of Ceria Merlone path

Chill out time (for some capricorns, note the two fighting at the bottom) 
A segment of the path
Sella Nevea and Mt. Kanin a few meters higher
Look down
Koštrunove špice and Viš / Iof Fuart in the background 
Altipiano del Montasio with Brazza hut
Capricorn – closer look
What’s going on in my kingdom?
What’s up?

Chill out – for me
Mountain guide

…after 9 hours of walking
…no need for a comment…
Please note that for this route it’s recommended the use of full self protection equipment (helmet and harness).

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