05. april 2016

Three goals

First, restart to write the blog after years of absence. 

Second, ride the Kamenjak Rocky Trails XC Marathon and don’t get overtaken by the best by one lap.

Third, ride the Kamenjak Rocky Trails XC Marathon and actually finish it.

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve abandoned my (photo) blog. In the meantime life happened – a young biker girl entered my life – my beautiful daughter – and priorities changed a bit. But still mountain biking remained my passion #1. So I’m back, this time with a short look back at the recent Kamenjak Rocky Trails XC Marathon I attended together with my brother.

Last year I also attended this race in April, and full of expectations and overestimation of my physical preparation, I signed in for 3 laps (60 km). That year I had I guess 3 rides overall yeart-to-date. I took it easy – I guess I was among a few racers with a backpack – not looking a real XC racer at all... But I had a pump with me, so I also stopped to help a guy with a snake bite – he saw me with a backpack and he shouted: “imaš pumpu?”. Also my pace was tourist-like. The result was that at the half of the second lap, I was overtaken by Jaroslav Kulhavy, London Olympics XC gold medallist, and his team, who were actually already at the last stage of lap 3... So I completely lost my motivation, forgot to drink, got cramps, and finished my race with 2 laps only.

This year I wanted revenge – so my goal was, 3 laps and not being overtaken by a pro. I also bought myself a coffee mug with a bike theme to be motivated for trainings during this year.

Well, one goal was achieved. The other one – almost achieved – was destructed at the last uphill of lap 2, where I was overtaken by a group of three / four pros. Well, better than a year ago... But, the 3 lap’s goal was achieved. I was even encouraged by my fiend Andrej Dekleva, the official speaker, when finishing lap 2: “i ovo je naš Tomaž Deisinger, odlučio se da ove godine ide do kraja”. And then I went till the end, finishing in around 3,5 hours, but happy as hell, because this race is amazing.

The views on the sea this race offers the friendly atmosphere of the locals, the great organization by Adrenalina team – in short amazing! The tack itself is very technically demanding and dynamic, with basically no room for resting. At half of the race a course marshal cheered: “ajmo ajmo”, I smiled and he replied: “gledaj ga kako smije, a još pola utke ga čeka”. And I smiled again and didn’t finish smiling until the end of this race, because you can only smile when racing Premantura.

See you next year!