29. december 2008

Božično-novoletni dual Črn trn Ajdovščina

Super popestritev zimskega tekmovalnega MTB dogajanja, ampak zeblo pa je... Nekaj fotk v nadaljevanju, članek pa na mtb.si

13. avgust 2008

Catching the last sunbeam

After two weeks of absence I went with my brother to capture some action on a local DH course. As the daylight was rapidly leaving off, we were forced to leave the stage - but there are a lot of nice spots to handle left...

A few examples...

My brother Matej on one of the many north shore structures

The trail builder (another Matej)

Matej, when he gained some confidence with the structure

My favourite - the shutter speed was 1/50s

Another interesting one - but I used one flash only, as I broke the flash shoe adapter on one flash...

16. julij 2008

Testing the wireless flash trigger on Pomjan

Finally I'm publishing some photos of the first wireless flash testing. My "models" were Alan and Simon (both from Koper), and we took some photos on Pomjan - later it became too dark, so we had to postpone a longer photo-session to the near future... Here are some examples (click to enlarge):

Alan, appearing from the darkness ;)

Setting the flash...

Simon - I was a little too late for a better shot...

Simon was too fast for the autofocus of my EF 28-135

Simon carving...

Alan with a different style taking up the same spot...

And a few more shots of Alan...

08. julij 2008

1st downhill Buzet

On 5th and 6th July 2008 the first downhill Buzet (Croatia) took place in an unleashed atmosphere. The organization was really awesome. Here are some photos of the happening...

Rider: Tadej Humar

Rider: Nejc Rutar

Rider: Vedran Ljubojević

Rider: Berislav Topol

Rider: Nino Dušak